Monday, June 9, 2008

Poots dropped as culture minister - BBC News

Culture Curate Edwin Poots have been dropped from the Stormont Executive and replaced by Gregory Xiii Campbell.

Sammy Harriet Wilson have been appointed environment minister, while Arlene Stephen Foster moves to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

The reshuffle of DUP curates follows the lift of Simon Peter Robert Robinson to first minister.

Mr Poots go forths the executive director after just one year, and amid contention over his support for the Maze stadium.

The undertaking is widely acknowledged as being unpopular with many DUP assembly members

DUP deputy sheriff leader Nigel Dodds, as expected, replaces Mister Robert Robinson as finance minister.

BBC nickel political letter writer Martina Purdy said the reshuffle could be viewed "as a publicity for both Mister Dodds and Mrs Foster".

"Mr Wilson's publicity could turn out controversial with environmentalists," she continued.

Mister Poots had been civilization curate for just over a year

"Last year, he was given a greenish wash awarding by the Young Greens Society at Queen's University, in protestation at his pro-nuclear vision."

Jeffrey Donaldson maintains his occupation as junior curate in the Office of First and Deputy First Minister.

Friends of the World expressed its "concern" over Sammy Wilson's assignment as environment minister.

Its Northern Eire Director Toilet Forest said: "I compliment Sammy Harriet Wilson on his appointment, but I believe it is a mistake.

"Mr Harriet Wilson is well known for his sceptical positions on clime change.

"It is hard to see how a curate who throws such as positions in the human face of overpowering grounds could be a believable defender of our environment."

North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay said the DUP's determination to name Sammy Harriet Wilson as environment curate was "grossly irresponsible" and that the environment would endure as a result.

Commenting on the overall reshuffle, Traditional Trade Unionist leader Jim Allister MEP said: "While the DUP necessitates a reshuffle of policy more than a alteration of personnel, there are facets of this reshuffle which necessitate comment.

How can they possible warrant juggle these varying functions while trying to accomplish the best possible result for the people of Northern Ireland?

UUP statement

"The addition in ternary authorizations is bad news for the quality and stability of the mental representation of trade unioniam at Westminster. In a twelvemonth we have got moved from three double-jobbing mononuclear phagocyte system serving also as curates to five.

"We have got recently seen DUP mononuclear phagocyte system absent from cardinal ballots in the Park on the Lisboa Treaty and the Embryology Bill. No-one can adequately make two, never mind three occupations - MP, MLA and minister."

In a statement, the Ulster Trade Unionist Party similarly said: "This presents the question, how can they (the DUP's ministers) possibly effort to transport out these specific functions to the best of their ability?

"How can they possible warrant juggle these varying functions while trying to accomplish the best possible result for the people of Northern Ireland? People can't be in two topographic points at once."

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gay Marriage -- and Divorce

Gay Marriage -- and Divorce
Friday Jun 6, 3:00 americium ET

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Suit Seeks to Block State Policy on Same-Sex Unions

ALBANY — Five state lawmakers, backed by a conservative Christian policy group, sued Gov. on Tuesday, seeking to barricade the governor’s order directing state federal agencies to acknowledge performed outside New York. The lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in the Bronx, came as the Senate Republican conference all but ruled out taking any action to seek to dispute the governor.

The Christian group, the Alliance Defense Fund, based in Arizona, which stands for the lawmakers, have fought attempts to legalize same-sex matrimony in respective states. In Tuesday’s suit, it argued that Mr. William Patterson usurped the Legislature’s authorization as the exclusive subdivision of authorities empowered to make up one's mind what the state’s definition of matrimony is.

“The separation-of-powers philosophy forbids executive federal agencies and functionaries — like William Patterson — from exceeding, altering or acting in struggle with legislative policy determinations,” lawyers for the Christian grouping argued in tribunal papers.

Governor Paterson, they contended, have “seized the Legislature’s authority, and overridden the volition of the people.”

A spokeswoman for Mr. William Patterson said the governor’s business office had not yet received the legal document and could not notice on the case.

A spokesman for the Senate Republicans said on Tuesday that it was improbable they would make anything as a grouping to barricade Mr. Paterson. “It’s obviously something the tribunals may take a expression at. Whether we make something, that’s looking less likely,” the spokesman, Toilet C. McArdle, said.

Even though they have got a bulk in the Senate, the Republicans’ custody are essentially tied because the Democratic-controlled Assembly would not O.K. a measure that seeks to ban cheery marriage.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction against an order that Mr. Paterson’s legal counsel, Saint David Nocenti, issued last calendar month directing all state federal agencies to reexamine their policies to guarantee that they conform to a determination by a state appellate tribunal in Rochester in February. That determination held that the state must acknowledge same-sex matrimonies performed in other jurisdictions, even though New House Of House Of York makes not itself let homosexuals and gay women to marry.

The determination said that Patricia Martinez, an employee of Marilyn Monroe Community College who married her spouse in Canada, could not be denied wellness benefits by the college because of New York’s policy of recognizing marriages performed elsewhere, even if they are not explicitly allowed under New York law.

Monroe County appealed the determination to the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, which rejected it last calendar month on technical grounds. Lawyers who stand for both sides have got said they believe the Court of Appeals will eventually hear the case.

“This is a lawsuit that’s not going anywhere,” said , executive manager director of the , which stands for Ms. Martinez. “The governor is doing what a governor should do, which is direct his federal agencies to follow with the law. He’s not circumventing anything. He’s not doing anything that go againsts the law,” Ms. Lieberman said.

Lawyers for Ms. Martinez said on Tuesday that the Alliance Defense Fund had failed so far in former efforts to dispute New House Of House Of York State and local federal agencies that have got recognized same-sex marriages.

Austin R. Nimocks, the fund’s senior legal counsel, said that the grouping had entreaties pending in three other New York same-sex matrimony lawsuits and was hopeful the tribunals would decide substances in its favor. Mr. Nimocks said that because the Court of Appeals may govern on the Marilyn Monroe case, the state directive was premature.

“No single member of authorities have the authorization to unilaterally enforce upon the full dwell the full definition of marriage, especially in New House Of York right now, where this issue hasn’t even gone all the manner through the courts,” helium said. The Court of Appeals last issued an sentiment same-sex matrimony in 2006, when it decided 4 to 2 that denying same-sex couples the right to get married did not go against the State Constitution.

At least one of the state legislators involved in the lawsuit confronts a competitory conflict for re-election. The legislator, Senator Serphin R. Maltese, a conservative Republican who have represented the overwhelmingly Democratic western portion of Queens for almost two decades, have been singled out by Senate Democrats as the No. One mark in the November election.

The other lawmakers in the lawsuit are Senator of Brooklyn; Assemblymen Daniel J. Burling of Capital Of Poland and Brian M. Kolb of Geneva; and Jesse James N. Tedisco of Schenectady, the Assembly minority leader.

On Tuesday, the Assembly moved forward with another issue that gay-rights groupings have got strongly advocated, passing a measure that would use state favoritism laws and hate-crime laws to transgender people.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calif. politics spills into nanny's prosecution


(06-03) 14:20 PDT Auburn, calcium (AP) --

Politics is spilling into Placer County's prosecution of a nursemaid accused of shaking a Roseville babe to death.

Veronica Martinez Salcedo's lawyer is seeking a mistrial. She states possible jurymen may be influenced by a missive from the child's mother.

The missive was included in a political campaign Mailer by Doug Ose, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the 4th Congressional District.

Lawyer Virgin Mary Beth Acton states in a movement filed Monday that the missive from Lorena Juceam amounts to jury tampering because jurymen may have got received the political campaign literature. She's asking Superior Court Judge Colleen Nichols to stop her client's trial.

It's the 2nd trial in the 2006 decease of the 16-month-old Roseville girl. The first trial ended when jurymen deadlocked on a finding of fact last year.


Information from: The Capital Of California Bee,

Monday, June 2, 2008

Initiative to ban same-sex marriage in California qualifies for ballot


(06-02) 19:24 PDT Capital Of Golden State - --

A constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage in California was placed on the Nov. Four ballot Monday, kick-starting somes election battle that volition have got reverberations across the nation.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen's enfranchisement of the enterprise measure, which damages the state Fundamental Law to restrict matrimony to a labor union "between a adult male and a woman," come ups as no surprise to either side of the same-sex matrimony issue.

When angels of the initiative, who needed 694,354 valid signatures to do the ballot, turned in more than than 1.1 million signatures, the lone inquiry was when the functionary enfranchisement would come.

"We're not surprised by this at all and have got been getting ready to run a very aggressive campaign," said Steve Smith, a senior political political campaign adviser to the Equality for All effort, which will seek to overcome the initiative. "This (initiative) inquires Golden State electors to take away a cardinal right from same-sex couples and we don't believe they are willing to make that."

Signatures for the projected amendment were filed with county clerks across the state in late April, hebdomads before the state Supreme Court overturned Proposition 22, a ballot measurement that also banned same-sex matrimony and passed with 61 percentage of the ballot in 2000. If the new amendment is passed, it will turn over the state court's ruling.

Opponents of same-sex matrimony already are arguing that the tribunal should not have got got overturned the ballot of the people on same-sex matrimony and have said they are confident that their autumn political campaign will pull support not only from electors in Golden State but from citizens across the nation.

California functionaries program to get issuing matrimony licences to same-sex couples beginning June 17. Opponents of the court's 4-3 determination have got called on the tribunal to detain that action until after the November election, but no determination on that petition have been made.

A Field Poll released last hebdomad showed that for the first clip in 30 old age of polling on the cheery matrimony question, a bulk of Californians now back up same-sex marriage and a bigger per centum of electors are unwilling to turn over the state Supreme Court decision.

The same-sex matrimony prohibition was one of four measurements approved for the ballot Monday, along with two dealing with criminal justness substances and a 3rd scene new regulations for renewable energy. That conveys the figure of measurements on the November ballot to eight, with three others awaiting certification.

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