Monday, June 9, 2008

Poots dropped as culture minister - BBC News

Culture Curate Edwin Poots have been dropped from the Stormont Executive and replaced by Gregory Xiii Campbell.

Sammy Harriet Wilson have been appointed environment minister, while Arlene Stephen Foster moves to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment.

The reshuffle of DUP curates follows the lift of Simon Peter Robert Robinson to first minister.

Mr Poots go forths the executive director after just one year, and amid contention over his support for the Maze stadium.

The undertaking is widely acknowledged as being unpopular with many DUP assembly members

DUP deputy sheriff leader Nigel Dodds, as expected, replaces Mister Robert Robinson as finance minister.

BBC nickel political letter writer Martina Purdy said the reshuffle could be viewed "as a publicity for both Mister Dodds and Mrs Foster".

"Mr Wilson's publicity could turn out controversial with environmentalists," she continued.

Mister Poots had been civilization curate for just over a year

"Last year, he was given a greenish wash awarding by the Young Greens Society at Queen's University, in protestation at his pro-nuclear vision."

Jeffrey Donaldson maintains his occupation as junior curate in the Office of First and Deputy First Minister.

Friends of the World expressed its "concern" over Sammy Wilson's assignment as environment minister.

Its Northern Eire Director Toilet Forest said: "I compliment Sammy Harriet Wilson on his appointment, but I believe it is a mistake.

"Mr Harriet Wilson is well known for his sceptical positions on clime change.

"It is hard to see how a curate who throws such as positions in the human face of overpowering grounds could be a believable defender of our environment."

North Antrim Sinn Féin MLA Daithí McKay said the DUP's determination to name Sammy Harriet Wilson as environment curate was "grossly irresponsible" and that the environment would endure as a result.

Commenting on the overall reshuffle, Traditional Trade Unionist leader Jim Allister MEP said: "While the DUP necessitates a reshuffle of policy more than a alteration of personnel, there are facets of this reshuffle which necessitate comment.

How can they possible warrant juggle these varying functions while trying to accomplish the best possible result for the people of Northern Ireland?

UUP statement

"The addition in ternary authorizations is bad news for the quality and stability of the mental representation of trade unioniam at Westminster. In a twelvemonth we have got moved from three double-jobbing mononuclear phagocyte system serving also as curates to five.

"We have got recently seen DUP mononuclear phagocyte system absent from cardinal ballots in the Park on the Lisboa Treaty and the Embryology Bill. No-one can adequately make two, never mind three occupations - MP, MLA and minister."

In a statement, the Ulster Trade Unionist Party similarly said: "This presents the question, how can they (the DUP's ministers) possibly effort to transport out these specific functions to the best of their ability?

"How can they possible warrant juggle these varying functions while trying to accomplish the best possible result for the people of Northern Ireland? People can't be in two topographic points at once."

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