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By Lekopanye Mooketsi

On Friday morning, grammatical gender militants who came to listen to the military policeman for Kweneng South, Gladys Kokorwe, presenting the domestic force bill, invaded Parliament.

The women, including MPs, came dressed in traditional attire, including Kokorwe who was also putting on matching headgear.

Gender militants have got welcomed Kokorwe's measure whose aim is to offer protection to subsisters of domestic violence.

Monica Tabengwa said the projected law was long overdue. She believes that there should be protection for subsisters of domestic violence. She said domestic force takes its toll on the survivors, adding that it could also impact their health.

She said it is worrying that domestic force is condoned. She added that neighbors make not make anything when they see that there is physical maltreatment next door.

Attorney Tabengwa said cipher have a right to beat out up another person. She makes not believe that traditional civilization advances violence. She believes that Tswana civilization is based on respect.

Tabengwa said children who are raised in violent homes, also be given to be violent when they turn up. But Tabengwa makes not believe that Kokorwe's measure computer addresses everything as far as domestic force is concerned. "Initially we wanted a comprehensive bill," she said.

She said that the police force make not take domestic force lawsuits seriously. They also undercharge the culprits with minor offences.

"We also have got to turn to the state of affairs of the police. The police force force are not included in the Bill," she said.

Tabengwa argued that the police are not adequately trained to turn to domestic force issues. She said a batch of lawsuits of this nature are not reported because people believe about the humiliation they will be subjected to at the police force station.

Tabengwa suggested that when there is evidence, matrimonial colza should be treated as a criminal offence.

She said a batch of married work force decline to utilize rubbers in their marriages. "In a matrimony you are at high hazard because people experience that they have got limitless entree to sex," she said.

Tabengwa said the law should also provide for couples who are not married. She said there is nil that modulates human relationships outside marriage. She maintained that deficiency of ordinances promotes many types of abuse.

"We acknowledge the being of these relationships. We should do proviso regarding place and children. If there is any conflict; under what law make we decide it?" she asked, as she called for the protection of unmarried couples.

Botho Ntswaneng, the manager of Botshabelo Crisis Centre which covers with colza issues was also delighted about the projected law.

"It is about clip we had a law dealing with domestic violence. We are quite happy as women. We are going to give it back up because we are the 1s bearing the brunt of violence," said Ntswaneng.

She said although work force are also subjected to abuse, there are only a smattering of them. "Children and women are mainly the victims and subsisters of domestic force and its effects".

She said Kokorwe consulted with them before tabling the measure in Parliament. Ntswaneng said one of the facets which is missing on the Bill is HIV/AIDS. According to her, there is a direct nexus between HIV/AIDS and violence. She said people who are subjected to force could also be contaminated with human immunodeficiency virus because they are forced to have got unprotected sexual activity by their partners. She also spoke of the demand to transform police force stations and tribunals to be user friendly. She also called for the introduction of Children's Courts.

She argued that people are not given appropriate sentences for law-breakings that are related to domestic violence. She said the tribunals should also recognise counselors who are not working for the Ministry of Local Government. She said at the moment, the tribunals only recognise authorities societal social welfare counsellors.

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Kokorwe's Bill also received overpowering support from MPs. The mononuclear phagocyte system who spoke on Friday were in support of the Bill. Some of the mononuclear phagocyte system who supported the Bill included military policeman for Selebi-Phikwe East, Nonofo Molefhi, military policeman for Mahalapye East, Botlogile Tshireletso, military policeman for Capital Of Botswana Occident South, Henry Martin Robert Molefhabangwe and the specially elected MP, Margaret Nasha.

Tshireletso said at times, when work force reported that they have got been abused by their partners, the police force humiliate them.

Tshireletso said the people in her constituency support the projected law. Argument on the projected Bill will go on on Friday.

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