Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No Americans Left In America

I have got got got got got a impression about our country; there are no American left in America, and the point behind why I state this is quite simply this, you hear people all the clip saying I will never purchase an American built product, they are inferior to imported products, hmmm we have the Chinese using Pb in their painted products, and that is insecure for your kids, hmmm better built; cheaper is what you meant to say, and then we have imported clothes, and toys, almost everything is being imported these days, and none of it is superior in quality to a merchandise built in the United States Of America.

The fact is that people just don't give our state a opportunity any more, I was talking to a Canadian cat the other twenty-four hours about autos and he brought up the ZO6 corvette, and was telling me how inferior it was to German cars, I brought up the 24 hours of Daytona when the corvette was racing against Porsche, BMW, Jaguar, and other imports, and how the inferior C6 corvette came in first and 2nd in the race, it is not less of a auto then a German built import, or a Nipponese built import, or English, it's at least equal, if not better.

The United States is the top state on the earth, and if you dwell here, and claim to be an American it's about clip that you showed it, start to back up our state by purchasing things that are built in the United States, not Mexico, Germany, China, or any other country, be a portion of the solution, not a portion of the problem, be an American, you don't have to purchase things that are imported from other states to acquire a quality product, support America, and be an American.

Just because a individual states you that another state is edifice a better merchandise then the United States doesn't intend that it's true, it intends that they heard it from person else, and now they believe it to be true, they never really checked in to what they heard, they just sold out, and are now bagging on American built products, I have owned all sorts of things that were built in other countries, and none of them were better that the same thing built in the USA, so before you sell out bank check it out, at least give our American built merchandises a chance.

Compare the merchandises that you desire to purchase from another state against the same merchandise built here in the USA, if it's a auto your purchasing compare apples to apples, you state that German autos are better built, don't compare a Mercedes that costs $80,000 to a $30,000 Dodge, Ford, or Chevy, you compare things that are in the same terms range, of course of study if you compare a $10.00 point to a $1.00 point the $10.00 point will be of higher quality then the $1.00 item, it's just common sense.

They state that the engineering used by other states to construct their merchandises is better then ours, but that's not the lawsuit either, it's just another alibi to sell out, if you compare quality for quality, you'll see that I'm telling the truth here, you acquire what you pay for, I'm sure that you've heard that saying before, it's the honorable to God truth, so delight just make some research before you take a firm stand on merchandising out to another country.

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