Monday, August 6, 2007

Drug Abuse

Use of illicit drugs like marijuana, coke and heroine and overexploitation of prescription drugs have been responsible for creating serious medical complications, destroying many household lives and creating jobs for schools and communities. Teenagers and immature people are particularly prostrate to inordinate drug usage and once they succumbed to the enticement of drugs, they affect themselves in law-breaking and accidents leading to mediocre public presentation in schools and society. It is needless to remind that the law punishes foolhardy drug users heavily.

Many grownup people also devour drug to defeat symptoms of aging, to alleviate emphasis and emotional problems. Drugs, if taken, during gestation may do birth defects and resulting babes may demo physical, mental, societal and behavioural jobs in future. According to an estimate, about 40 percentage of American grownups have got used an illegal drug at some phase in their life. But recent sentiment polls have got revealed that most Americans oppose drug maltreatment and are prepared to take a base accordingly.

Drug dependence should be treated as an unwellness like any other disease. Unless the individual himself develops a strong sense of self-respect and confidence, it will not be possible to handle him. In order to forestall drug maltreatment a concerted scheme of prevention, intercession and drug treatment installations should be followed. Some kind of community attack to the job is always advisable. Aid from National Institute on Drug Maltreatment (NIDA) should be sought in this regard. NIDA's rehabilitation programme and Community Action Approach can supply valuable counsel and support for controlling drug abuse. Aid can also be obtained from other Federal Soldier research organisations like National Institute of Mental Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for controlling drug abuse.

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