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Rhode Island Divorce Process and Strategy From Filing Divorce to Trial - by a RI Family Law Lawyer

This is portion two of a three portion series on the Rhode Island divorcement procedure including divorcement scheme written by Rhode Island divorcement lawyer Saint David Slepkow (401-437-1100) In portion one, I discussed the initial phases of a divorcement from determination a Rhode Island Lawyer to filing for divorce. Please see below for a nexus to portion 1 of this series.

This article discusses divorcement scheme and the divorcement procedure after filing for divorce. This article is for informational intents only and makes not represent legal advice. It is a very bad thought for a individual to stand for themselves in a Rhode Island divorcement without a lawyer.

Nominal or Contested Track

When a Rhode Island divorcement is filed, the lawsuit is set onto one of two tracks, the contested path or the nominal track. The Plaintiff in their initial divorcement filing designates the path they desire. The huge bulk of divorcements filed in Rhode Island are placed on the nominal divorcement track. A appellation on the "nominal track" makes not necessarily intend that the divorcement will be uncontested. It usually intends that the political party who filed believes that the lawsuit can be settled relatively quickly or desires the divorcement to be settled relatively quickly.

Answer to Divorce Compaint

The suspect must register an reply to the divorcement within 20 years of service and absolutely no future than the nominal tribunal day of the month or any movement date. If the Defendant makes not reply the lawsuit he is subject to being defaulted. A default is when the suspect makes not reply the lawsuit on a timely footing and the Plaintiff will usually acquire all of the alleviation that he or she requests.

Here is the nexus to portion 1:>.

Nominal divorce

If the lawsuit is put on the nominal path then the clerk will automatically set a nominal divorcement hearing upon the Plaintiff filing for divorce. This hearing will typically be scheduled from 65-70 years after the Plaintiff files. In the event that the divorcement is not settled by the nominal divorcement day of the month then the lawsuit will automatically be changed to the contested track.

If the substance is not settled by the nominal tribunal day of the month and both political political political parties desire to seek to decide the remaining issues in tribunal and believe it is possible to decide the remaining issues, then the parties can seek to settle down the lawsuit in the hallway or conference suite in the courthouse and set the lawsuit through as a nominal uncontested divorcement on that date.

If the suspect have got not filed an answer, it is unsafe for the suspect to not look in tribunal at the nominal tribunal day of the month based on mental representations made by the other party.

I have seen numerous occasions when a alcoholic have assured the other political political party that it is not necessary to look in tribunal and not necessary to register an reply and the suspect is defaulted and the other partner acquires 100 percentage of the assets of the marriage.

On the day of the month of the nominal divorcement hearing, at the phone call of the calendar, the lawsuit will be either ready nominal or the parties will inquire the justice to throw the lawsuit so they can try to decide the remaining issues. If the political parties cannot resoluteness the remaining issues they will inform the Court clerk or the justice that the lawsuit cannot be settled and the lawsuit path will be changed to the contested divorcement track. If the lawsuit path is changed there will be no hearing that day of the month and the tribunal will inform the political political parties of the adjacent pretrial conference date.

If the parties inquire the clerk to throw the substance they will usually acquire a significant amount of clip to negociate the remaining issues in the hallway. Upon settling all the remaining household law issues which may include issues of place division, kid support, kid custody, kid visitation, alimony, disdain issues, restraining order issues etc the clerk should be informed that the lawsuit is now ready nominal. At that point the clerk and justice will set you back on the listing of lawsuits ready for the nominal hearing.

Pursuant to Rhode Island General Law a divorcement cannot be resolved without a nominal divorcement hearing. At the nominal divorcement hearing certain testimony must be elicited in order for the divorcement to be granted. In some circumstances, it is necessary to have got witnessers to briefly testify. If you don't have got got the needed witnesser your lawsuit could be delayed or even dismissed and you may blow your clip attending court.

For a elaborate account of whether or not you must have witnessers to attest on your behalf and the residence demand for filing a Rhode island Divorce delight travel to my Ezine article ""Rhode Island Divorce Law FAQS How Long Until It's Over? Residency Requirements & No Fault Divorce." EzineArticles 14 March 2007. 15 July 2007 .

Most Rhode Island divorcement and household law lawyers have got done these nominal hearing 100s of times. It is a very bad thought for a individual to stand for himself or herself in a divorce! As the old proverb travels a individual who stands for themselves have a sap for a lawyer. Since everything you have got worked so difficult for is on the line it is foolish to travel through the Rhode Island divorcement procedure without Rhode Island divorcement and household law lawyer.

If the lawsuit was originally placed on the contested path calendar, then the clerk did not schedule any automatic nominal tribunal date. If the lawsuit later goes settled then the political parties can inquire the clerk for permission to come up on a peculiar day of the month for the nominal divorcement hearing. Otherwise the political parties can wait for a movement day of the month or the pretrial day of the month to make the nominal divorcement hearing.

Discovery in Rhode Island Divorce

After the divorcement is filed the Plaintiff and or the suspect can at their option continue with "discovery". Discovery in general is the procedure by which the political parties acquire information or admittances from the other party. Discovery is most of import and perhaps important in a lawsuit when a partner is unaware of the nature and extent of the matrimonial place and estate. Discovery can be also utile to obtain written documents or other tangible grounds that is needed for colony or trial.

The Rhode Island find procedure also can be used to obtain admittances of certain allegations. While it is unethical and perhaps immoral for a individual to lie about cheating or an matter to their partner it is not illegal or criminal for a individual to lie to their partner about an affair. If a individual lies under curse either in testimony or in a written written document under curse they may be committing the law-breaking of perjury.

Also if a justice believes a political party is lying under curse there could be stiff countenances and punishments including a referral to the lawyer full general for prosecution. However, in reality, most incidents of lying in household tribunal are not prosecuted as crimes. Many lawyers utilize petition for admittances or interrogatories to coerce the other political political political party to state under curse whether or not they had an matter and the extent and inside information concerning the extra-marital affair / cheating/ infidelity.

There are respective detect chemical mechanisms that tin be used: interrogatories, petition for production of documents, petition for admissions, depositions, subpoena ad testificandum Duces tecum, subpoena ad testificandums etc.


Interrogatories are written inquiries that a party may directs to the other party. Each side is allowed up to 32 interrogatories. Interrogatories can be helpful in obtaining listings of assets, allegations that volition be made by your partner or other utile information. This information requested can run the gamut from kid support to matrimonial unfaithfulness and may include: kid detention issues, kid visitation, drug and alcoholic beverage abuse, gaming addiction, alimony, wellness coverage issues, existent estate issues, estate planning and trust issues, personal hurt claims, domestic force / restraining orders, criminal history, evaluation of assets, mental wellness history and any Rhode Island household law issues.

Interragaoties must be answered in the clip framework set by the Rhode island domestic Court Rules. Interrogatories are usually partially written and also reviewed by your hubby or wifes' lawyer. Therefore, while a valuable tool there are some restrictions to the utility of the information received.

Request for Admissions

Requests for admittances when used appropriately can be a powerful find tool in a Rhode Island divorce. Request for admittances are written petitions usually prepared by the attorney, which the other political party must answer within a short clip period of time. If the political political party makes not answer to the petition for admittances within the applicable clip the allegation will be deemed admitted.


A Deposition is when a party usually through their lawyer can inquire their partner inquiries under curse in presence of a tribunal reporter. In Rhode Island household Court, a political party must obtain leave of absence of tribunal / permission from the tribunal in order to take a deposition. Motions to take deposition of the other political party are almost always granted by Family Court Judges. Depositions are powerful yet expensive find tools. A deposition usually is effectual because the lawyer can inquire the other political party inquiries confront to face. The lawyer can inquire follow up inquiries and can inquire inquiries in different ways. This is particularly effectual if a political party is being evasive or less than forthcoming. There is very small the other lawyer can make to assist their clients reply the inquiries during a deposition.

Depositions are very expensive because the Court newsmen copy could be respective hundred dollars. Also the lawyer doing the deposition will necessitate perhaps respective hours to set up for the deposition. Also both lawyers will necessitate to go to the deposition, which could take up to respective hours. Depositions are usually better ways to acquire information about sensitive subjects then interrogatories.

Request for Production of Documents

Request for production of written written documents is a listing of requested documents that must be responded to within the applicable clip period. I happen this find tool to be particularly successful in obtaining written written written written written written written written documents and records concerning: pension program documents, 401k records, retirement accounts, employment documents, pay documents, wellness coverage records, stock accounts, estate planning documents, depository financial institution statements, existent estate documents etc.


A Subpoena Duces Tecum can be very effectual in obtaining documents from 3rd political parties such as as depository financial institution records, stock records, employment and pay records and other documents.

The 3rd portion of this three portion series which is coming soon turns to preparing for a Divorce trial to the existent divorcement trial to the entry of Concluding Judgment

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