Sunday, December 2, 2007

'Proposed culture policy won't make govt a regulator'

DELHI: The civilization ministry denied in the Rajya Sabha that the projected national
culture policy was aimed at making the authorities a regulator in this field. This was stated by curate of state for urban development Ajay Maken, speaking
on behalf of civilization curate Ambika Soni who is abroad. Rajya Sabha member
Kapila Vatsyayan and a member of the commission drafting the policy had earlier
expressed reserves about its relevance. Last year, Vatsyayan had
written to the then civilization secretary Badal Kelvin Hyrax request "whether a national
policy on a complex field like civilization can be drawn up by a nation-state, in
this lawsuit India, with a lurching diverseness of plural form societal constructions and
levels, and can a single uniform policy embrace this
diversity". Though the
committee drafting the policy have made very small advancement with just one
meeting having taken place, attended by lone eight out of 19 members, the
ministry is still pushing for it. It is believed that many commission members are
not in favor of a uniform culture
policy. Vatsyayan had said the
idea of a uniform civilization policy was mooted in the seventies. "Since then, the
international discourse have taken a very different turn. Democracies with plural
cultural societies are no longer talking of a uniform national cultural policy,"
she had written.

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