Thursday, December 13, 2007

Marriage in jail

BHADRAK, Dec. 12: A matrimony ceremonial of an under-trial captive was held today in the premises of Bhadrak sub-jail. The knot was tied between an alleged colza victim and the accused. Nisikanta Rout, charged with rape, married Mamata the victim, by observing all the rituals. The ceremonial was conducted amidst jubilation. The household members of the bride and the bridegroom were present. According to the jailhouse superintendent, Mister Dibakar Mallick, Nisikanta of Kuarda small town had fallen in love with Mamata, but the boy's parents were against the marriage. Nisikanta obeyed his parents wishings and refused to get married Mamata. However, the miss lodged an fir against Nisikanta at the Agarpada police force station, alleging rape. Nisikant was arrested by the Agarapada police. On 27 May, Nisikanta was jailed, after his bail bond supplication was rejected by the court. After two calendar month the accused expressed his willingness to get married Mamata. Advocates from both sides tried to settle down the substance mutually and it was successful. Susila Rout, female parent of Nisikanta and Padmabati Jena, female parent of Mamata, filed an affidavit before the tribunal in which they agreed to the marriage. Mamata also filed an affidavit by which she gave her consent. Both the households requested the jailhouse overseer to set up the ceremonial inside the jail. normality sns

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