Monday, June 4, 2007

Defending Yourself Against Criminal Time - Defense Attorneys

Attorneys are one of the more respected careers and the one that is hated the most. It may depend on which side of the court you are. Your attorney can be the link between having a clear reputation or one that is stained forever. A criminal defense attorney, is not excused from, this type of problem or situation.

A criminal defense attorney will stand up for those who have been accused of wrongdoing. The type of crimes differs in nature and the level they are committed. Someone who has been charged with a drug crime may have been involved in selling, buying, or simple possession of the illegal drugs. A defendant who has been charged with a crime of violence that caused injury or death of another person may have done this on purpose. Being violent to women and children, prejudice, or murder for any reason is involved in this type of crime. Other crimes a criminal defense attorney deals with are sexual abuse, sexual assault, lewd acts, and robbery. Each of these has sub categories and varying degrees of offenses under it and each with its own set of laws.

The criminal defense attorney may use all the tricks in showing the evidence, juggling with point after point, and giving oral pieces to change the minds of the jury and the audience sitting in on the trial. It does not matter if you accused because you are guilty or just falsely accused; the attorney is there to do what is necessary to make you look innocent. If the accused is found to be guilty without any hope of change, the defense attorney is there to make sure you get the lesser amount of time for the crime. This is great for anyone who is facing death row because it is possible to bring it down to life in prison.

A criminal defense

attorney does not only give the client a face in court and defend them to a not guilty plea but they can act as a counselor also. The attorney will give the client their rights and the possible amount of money, physical, or emotional effects the case will have. Anyone convicted of a crime will have a criminal lawyer on their side to find a way to get them free from legal obligations to the level of not having anything on their record at all. This is dependent on the case and will be different with each state. The defense attorney can help you petition the court for appeals, retrials, and habeas procedures to a larger court. All of which, if not done correctly, can get you into more trouble, or out of the trouble you are in.

The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) is a group that is holding the responsibility of moving ahead with the important things that criminal attorneys need to be successful in America. Its dream is to provide a fair trial to any person blamed of committing a crime.

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