Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is It Worth It To Invest In A Radar Detector? What Is A Laser Detector? What Is A VG-2 Device?

As many of you know a radar detector allows a driver to know that the police is nearby. It operates on wave bands or frequencies. There are primarily three bands: X, K, and Ka. X operates on 10.525 GHZ. K is a little higher at 24.150 GHZ. And the highest Ka, at 33.400- 36.00 GHZ. Why the three bands? An electronic war between the police and radar producers!

When X band came out, use by the police, radar companies produced X band detectors. The police then went with a higher frequency device, namely K band. The war went on until the police finally ' up the ante ' by going laser. The laser focuses a narrow light beam. Actually the correct term for laser is Lidar, which stands for light detection and ranging.

The question is, "is it worth it"? Only if you purchase a detector that has both radar and laser capabilities. They tend to be much more expensive than standard radar detectors. They are worth it though! If you avoided a ticket the unit pays for itself. And with high insurance rates on the rise, well you understand.

What's a VG-2? It's a detector used by the police to detect your radar detector. Why? Some states have banned radar detectors. They don't want you to know that they are lurking. Read on!

Here's the truth. Those states that ban radar detectors are actually violating federal law! If you ever receive a ticket for having a radar detector, fight it in court. There is a little known law, obviously unknown to many states or ignored by states that give you the right to own a detector. The Law: The communications act of 1934. It guarantees any citizen the right to receive radio tranmission on any frequency!

If you are driving through a state that doesn't allow it, simple purchase a detector that's capable of detecting a VG-2 unit nearby. YES, the radar companies have did it again ! There are now detectors that can detect ALL bands, including laser and VG-2. After your detector warns you of a VG-2 device nearby, simply take your detector off the dashboard.

I'm not suggesting to anyone to break any speeding laws. I'm just simply advising any driver about the dynamics of radar and laser technology.

Drive safe, obey all laws,

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