Wednesday, February 6, 2008

McCain Too Old To Be President, Says Chuck Norris

Chuck Frank Norris believes that Senator Toilet McCain is too old to go the adjacent president of the United States. The actor, who have been actively backing McCain's challenger Microphone Huckabee, made the statement while hosting a fundraiser at the former Land Of Opportunity governor's Lone wolf ranch.

"I didn't pick Toilet to support, Frank Frank Frank Norris said, because I'm just afraid that the frailty president would weave up taking over his occupation in that four-year presidency." He added, "We necessitate to happen person that tin manage it for four old age or eight old age ... that have the young person and vision and communicating accomplishments to do that work." Norris incidentally is four old age little McCain, who will turn 72 adjacent August.

While McCain's protagonists did not respond, Huckabee have chosen to maintain himself away from Norris' statement. Speaking to newsmen he said, "Only Toilet McCain and his hairstylist cognize for sure", and added, "It is a very nerve-racking position. I'm not going to state he's too old. I believe he's got a batch of interior strength, good familial factors by his mom."

The Republican Party primary, held in South Carolina, was expected to be contributing for Huckabee. In malice of this, he won only a 2nd position. "We obviously wanted to win and we really thought we would win," he asserted. "The fact of Fred Thompson's being in the race took some ballots that we would have got most likely had." He also pointed out that the delayed snowfall in some countries of the state had an consequence on the results. "The snowfall not only froze the streets of the Greenville-Spartanburg area, the ballots kinda stopped once it started snowing," he said. "That was an country we were looking forward to having a important ballot margin." Huckabee said he hoped the fundraiser would originate a rush in his favor. He said, "Even a competition of delegates isn't going to be over after Sunshine State and probably even after February 5. ...So everybody's kind of retooled and said, 'No, this could travel on all the manner to the convention.'"

Almost 200 people had paid $ 1,000 to see Microphone Huckabee and his group, Washington Offense, execute classic stone tunes.

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