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Nigeria: 'No More Godfatherism in Enugu Politics' -

Duro Ikhazuagbe and Sheriff BalogunLagos

The recent nullification of the election of Enugu State Governor, Mr. Louis Sullivan Iheanacho Chime by the Enugu State Election Petitions Court have invariably upped the impulse of political relation and machinations in the state. Locked in a conflict of humors over the political psyche of the Coal City State are the sets of the contiguous past times former governor of the state, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani, now a senator and those of his estranged political godson, Governor Chime. While the powerful gladiators are spoiling for entire showdown, concerned stakeholders of the state have got been voicing their sentiments over the baleful development. A Lagos- based man of affairs and concerned citizen from Nkanu country of the state, Dr. Emmanuel Nnaji in a recent brush with newsmen blamed the infected crisis on the bug of godfatherism which have been afflicting the state political relation since 1999. Duro Ikhazuagbe and Sheriff Balogun convey extracts from the session

How would you measure the present political dispensation in Enugu State?

On the 29th of May last year, the good people of Enugu State breathed a immense suspiration of alleviation as the disposal of Governor Louis Sullivan Chime took off, replacing that of Chimaroke Nnamani. The eight old age during which Nnamani was in powerfulness had proved to be unbearable for the generalization of Enugu people, and the coming of Governor Chime witnessed a cautious credence as he was perceived to be a direct flunky of the past disposal but now he is widely hailed. Eight calendar months after, the joyousness of the people have proven to be well founded. Governor Chime is quickly correcting all the maltreatments of the Nnamani era, and for the first clip in eight years, Enugu State is being competently governed. The coterie of few avaricious toadies whom Nnamani surrounded himself with have got been ousted from all control over the state's affairs, and security have greatly improved to the extent that last year's Christmastide celebrations saw a immense inflow of returnees coming back to observe with their families, people who for old age had stayed away owed to the predominant deficiency of security of lives and place which was a ill-famed characteristic during the Nnamani era. And the people have got discovered their voices once more. Under the former administration, criticism, whether deserved or not, was not tolerated, and anyone criticising Nnamani and his coterie was apt to terrible reprisals. The front-runner tactics of this diabolic grouping was to pulverize the place of the brave 1s who spoke out against them and all their doings. One of the victims of this was Senator Fidelis Okoro, who had his place destroyed, under the pretense of proper urban development. Nnamani, while in business office felt that no native of Enugu state should be above him that he had absolute power, this was apparent in his reactions when Head Cognizance Nnamani was made the Senate President. Ex-Governor Nnamani was so uncomfortable with this positive development that was cheered by the whole public especially the people of Enugu State that he initiated so many moves against the former senate president. Another blazing incident was his absence and mental attitude during the welcome political party organised for the Deputy Senate President, Head Eisenhower Ekweremadu by the people of the state, an juncture that was graced by the Senate President and other noteworthy dignitaries. Ex-governor Nnamani chose to remain away because he felt uncomfortable with the rise and advancement of such as a eminent boy of the state.

What, in Concrete footing make you believe that the christ have got come?

As Governor Chime is pushing Enugu State forward, repairing roads, paying salaries, providing comforts and infrastructure, rooting out corruption, and giving the people a voice in their personal business once more, the coterie of few avaricious negative toadies have reared their caputs once more, trying to do things hard for the individual who is doing the occupation the former resident of Government House never even bothered to do. The people of Enugu State will not be enslaved once more than by Nnamani and his jackals, and it is the duty of every well meaning Enugu State citizen to resist, expose, and hound dog out these people, and to forestall them from destroying the difficult earned autonomy and prosperity which the Chime disposal have brought to the state.

Are you saying that both the seniors and the young person are now united for a common intent in the state?

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It is notable and appreciated that some eminent and progressive natives of the state who have got got the involvement of the state and the state as a whole at bosom have also spoken against returning our darling state to its distressing state of lawlessness. We are thankful to these work force of differentiation like the former senate president, Head Cognizance Nnamani, Barrister Eisenhower Ekweremadu, Senator Ayogu Eze, Head C.C Onoh, Former Governor Jim Nwobodo, Head Uche Nnaji, Head Onyemuche, Hon.Nnoli Nnaji, Head Afam Okereke and a host of others. As the people of Enugu state patiently wait for the entreaty of the Governor, it is imperative that there is no dislocation of law and order and if in the long run, an election is ordered to be conducted, the people should be encouraged to vote for campaigners of their ain choosing. Judging from the good works of the present disposal and the general credence of Governor Chime by the good people of Enugu State, I am certain that his beingness elected again will be a formalities as long as a free and just electoral process is strictly adhered to. Enugu have got had enough of godfatherism, winner-takes-all politics, awkwardness and deficiency of public presentation from our business office holders.

What advice make you have for the present political leader in the state?

My advice is very simple. Governor Chime have proved that Enugu State could be restored to its former enviaable glorification when all activities by Igbos are held in Enugu without molestation, bullyings and violence. Our blood brothers who have got one axe or the other to crunch with Governor Chime should sheathe their swords. They should no longer let themselves to be used by divisive, devilish military units that held sway in the past any longer. All the present political leadership should work difficult to guarantee that even if the Entreaty Court upholds the nullification of Chime's election, we should all convey him back. He have shown that he is the christ we need.

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