Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thandie’s marriage secret...

Thandie Newton.

Newton’s secret to a happy matrimony is forcing her hubby to speak to her. The Clang actress â€" World Health Organization have been married to writer-director Oliver Parker
for 10 old age â€" states the lone manner a hubby and married woman can endure the course
in the film industry is by being completely unfastened with each other. She said, “You have got to
always do clip to be together, trusting your inherent aptitudes and forcing each other
to talk. It’s all about communicating and working through hard times
together. I’m really lucky we became so inseparable before marriage,
children and work came along. In this business, it’s very difficult for a
relationship to survive.” Thandie have also revealed she
has a figure of famous person friends, including Uncle Tom Cruise, who she can talk to
about her fame-related problems. She added, “I don’t see Nicole very
often because she dwells in Australia, but I hear about her on the grapevine. I
see him now and again too, and I met Katie Sherlock Holmes for the first clip the other
day. She was really lovely.”

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