Monday, March 31, 2008

Angola: Culture Minister Praises Future Agostinho Neto Cultural Centre -


The new Agostinho Neto cultural Centre being built in Catete village, will be a space at the dimension of the great poet, considered on Friday the Angolan curate of Culture, Boaventura Cardoso.

Speaking to the fourth estate after visiting the in progress plant meant to larn about its execution rate, he expressed satisfaction with what he observed on the spot.

The Centre is an project conceived in two phases. The first 1 have been concluded, whereas the 2nd is expected to be concluded next July.

The first form consists leisure time spaces, playing fields, booths and an administrative country with assorted offices, unreal lakes, auto parks, landscapes, among others.

A three-floored building, covering an country of 2,000 foursquare metres, a museum, library, and an auditorium for 250 people, eating houses and exhibition hallways are also portion of the undertaking's 2nd phase.

The curate recommended to the contractor some flimsy changes in the countries of the library and of exhibition hallways for the creative activity of administrative.

He informed that the edifice is of a modern architecture and considered it as an added value for cells of the civilization sector, in particular, and of experts, in general.

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The functionary informed that the establishment shall be managed by the authorities of northern Bengo state and by the local administration.

In Bengo, Curate Boaventura Cardoso visited Calomboloca district, where he got acquainted with a undertaking for the building of a memorial at the land site where Portuguese colonialists hanged and buried Angolan nationalists.

Boaventura Cardoso was accompanied to this region, by the deputy sheriff curate of Populace Works, Armindo Kopingo, frailty governor of Bengo for arrangement and community services, Farel Van-Dunem, senior staff of the Culture Ministry and of the disposal of Catete.

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