Tuesday, April 1, 2008

'Supporting Healthy Marriage' Program Offered by Montefiore

Aim Is to Construct a Solid Foundation for Marriage and Family NEW YORK, March 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Montefiore Checkup Center
is offering an advanced program, "Supporting Healthy Marriage" to members
of the community interested in strengthening their marriages. The purpose
of the program, administered by University Behavioral Associates, the
behavioral wellness pattern at Montefiore, is to construct a solid foundation
for matrimony and household through communication, managing stress, conflict
resolution and other accomplishments for coping with the mundane concerns that can
create pressure level in a marriage. "Research have shown that a healthy, happy matrimony is the most
important factor to beneficially impact people's finances, emotional
well-being, physical status and children's academic success," said Scott
Wetzler, PhD, Head of the Division of Psychology at Montefiore and a
leading authorization on relationships. The UBA programme is an synergistic manner to beef up marriage. Bi-monthly meeting with other couples in a relaxed atmosphere, everyone can
learn simple, effectual communicating accomplishments that aid defuse tension
surrounding many common jobs couples face, such as as child-raising,
financial worries, emphasis and sexual intimacy. The programme offerings the
opportunity to listen and be heard on these and other issues and promotes
ways to have got merriment together as a family. "Even if there's nothing incorrect with your marriage," said Dr. Wetzler,
"the programme will assist do your human relationship even better. Couples necessitate to
pay attending to the wellness of their human relationships just as they pay
attention to their physical health. Supporting Healthy Marriage constructs on
your human relationships strengths." To larn more than about the program, phone call (718) 401-5050. Support for this undertaking was provided by the United States Department
of Health and Person Services, Administration for Children and Families,
Grant 90FE0086. Any opinions, findings, and decisions or recommendations
expressed in this stuff are those of the author(s) and make not
necessarily reflect the positions of the United States Department of Health and
Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

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