Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Angola: OMA Upgrades Staff On Women's Role in Politics - AllAfrica.com


UíAbout 40 women from assorted alkali constructions of the opinion MPLA party's women wing known as the Arrangement of Angolan Woman (OMA) in the part are being upgraded on the women in politics, with position of equipping them with cognition for a monolithic and responsible engagement in the extroverted legislative elections, put for adjacent September.

The workshop, promoted by the executive director secretariate of MPLA's women wing in northern Uíge province, will endure two years and discusses, among others, subjects such as as "why women should vote and how to get by with the media".

The demand for greater coherence and integrity between women for their engagement in undertakings of mobilising the group, aware of the prevarications ahead, was considered by the OMA's provincial secretary in Uíge, Albertina Cuginga Moco Muxindo, as a precedence undertaking of the arrangement for the current period.

Albertina Cuginga Moco stressed the demand of joining attempts with other members of MPLA's arrangements of the masses, so that the ends outlined by the opinion political party can be achieved in the adjacent elections.

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