Thursday, April 17, 2008

Angola: Political Instability Permits State's Stability -


Peace and political stableness have got created statuses for the consolidation of the democratic and lawful State, said Thursday in Angolan Capital the president of the Angolan Institute for Electoral and Democratic Systems (IASED), Agostinho António DOS Santos.

Speaking at the gap of the conference on electoral struggles prevention, Agostinho DOS Santos said the State must be based on the observation of the law, on the regard for human rights, societal justness and spirit of political tolerance and national reconciliation.

According to him, stableness have enabled Gates to open up to the retention of free, crystalline and just elections, capable of making proud all Angolans directly or indirectly involved in the process.

He also stated that the 1992 post-electoral experience and the experience of other states necessitate from all political political parties to take a loyal and tolerant conduct, aiming at the regard for the democratically elected establishments and national symbols.

The concern about a peaceful and tolerant procedure rests with all Angolans, particularly the political parties and the mass media that are required to do an attempt to make an environment favouring the retention of free and participative elections.

On the other hand, he revealed that the in progress conference on bar of struggles will be expanded to the other states of the country, with a position to the preparation of electoral agents and the society at large.

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The event is being sponsored by IASED, in cooperation with the National Electoral Committee (CNE).

It is tackling such as subjects as political political political political parties in the Angolan juridical regime, political selling and electoral propaganda, political parties funding, political parties' tolerance and ethical motive in the electoral process.

Mechanisms of bar of struggles is also portion of the docket of the event.

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