Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Parties criticise Asok's request to tourists

Statesman News Service
DARJEELING, April 30: The state urban development curate Mister Asok Bhattacharya petition to the tourers not to see Darjeeling in position of the political state of affairs in the Hills have fetched unfavorable judgment from the political political parties in the Hills. "I have got requested tourers not to see Darjeeling now as the political state of affairs in the hills is tense," said Mister Bhattacharya. "Considering, the indefinite work stoppage of state and Ce-ntral government offices, the tourers will be inconvenienced if powerfulness and H2O supply is cut-off in the hills," he added. The statement come ups as a follow-up to the GJMM head Mister Bimal Gurung's blackout menace against Siliguri by stalling work at the hydro-electric plants in the Hills. "It is highly irresponsible of him to do such as comments. It is about clip he is removed from his station for such as provocative comments," said Mister Roshan Giri, general secretary, GJMM. Mister Giri claimed that tourer flowing in Darjeeling was uninterrupted after Mister Gurung had assured that his political party would not vacation spot to any enactment that would halter the tourer season in the Hills. "We guarantee the tourers not to listen to the curate and to come up to Darjeeling," appealed Mister Giri assuring the GJMM would take duty of their safety. Commenting on the development, the All Republic Of India Gorkha League president Mister Madan Tamang said: "If the authorities experiences there is agitation in the Hills, it is its duty to command law and order rather than petition the tourers against visiting. It is unbecoming of Mister Bhattacharya to do such as comments."
The AIGL leader was also critical of the GJMM's indefinite work stoppage at authorities offices. "Their scheme have not achieved anything except causing trouble to the general public," he said. The CPRM termed the minister's statement a "ploy" to make "fear psychosis" among the tourists. "The state of affairs in Jammu and Cashmere is grave, yet no curate have prevented tourers from visiting the place. So, it is unreasonable of him to state such as things," said CPRM interpreter Mister Doctor of Science Bomzon.

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