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Danish Prince Weds French Woman in Second Marriage (Update1)

Denmark's , the second
son of sovereign , married Marie Cavallier of
France, three old age after he divorced his first wife.

Joachim, 38, dabbed crying from his eyes and then kissed his
two boys as Cavallier, 32, entered the ,
located in southern Kingdom Of Denmark near the prince's manor. Guests at
the nationally televised ceremonial included Swedish , Norse and the British actor

Joachim divorced in 2005 from Hong Kong-born , World Health Organization subsequently have remarried and thus lost her royal
title. Today, Cavallier received the statute title ''Her Royal Highness
Princess Marie'' and joined Europe's oldest .

In his homily, said to the
couple that they ''have, inch different ways, experienced divorces,
and you have got got been in love with others before you met.'' Helium added:
''You naturally have deliberated carefully before deciding to say
'yes' to each other in the full visible light of publicity.''

Cavallier wore an off-white nuptial gown lined with ivory
silk faille that was designed by Saint David Arasa and Claudio Morelli
from the manner house Arasa Morelli, the royal tribunal said in a
statement. Joachim wore a formal Danish foot uniform. Medals
and a sky blueness window sash were draped across his naval forces blueness tunic.

French Father

Joachim, the little blood brother of Danish , have dated Cavallier since 2005. They announced their
engagement in October. She have go a Danish citizen and
converted to Denmark's state faith, Lutheranism, from Roman-

Marie, born in Paris, is the youngest of five siblings. She
moved to Swiss Confederation as a adolescent to go to a boarding school
and have lived in that state for most of her grownup life. Since
2001, she have worked at her father's Geneva-based investment
company, according to Danish broadcaster TV2. Her parents are

, whose father is from France,
speaks fluent French.

''In malice of great differences in the manner you grew up, you
share much in your backgrounds that volition lend to a rich and
stimulating life for the two of you,'' Bishop Svendsen said in
his remarks. ''You already share the Gallic linguistic communication and you both
take pleasance in Gallic culture.''

Royal Wages

The Danish parliament last calendar month decided to increase the
prince's annual pay by 40 percentage to 2.9 million kroner
($612,000) to assist him back up his new wife.

After the ceremony, the couple were scheduled to throw a
private dinner response at Joachim's Schackenborg manor. Joachim's and Manley's 1995 response was televised and held at
the Fredensborg palace North of Copenhagen, where Denmark's
traditionally throw their greatest household events.

Joachim have joint detention with Manley of their two sons
, 8, and Prince Felix, 5.

Joachim's blood brother Frederik, 39, married Australian-born
inch 2004 and have two children.

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