Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Dumbing Down Of Higher Education - It's All Business

As adults, we necessitate expression no additional than a child's prep to cognize that each coevals is being pushed to larn more, faster. Today's children are learning topic substance in 3rd class that I didn't analyze until 5th and aged generations, let's state babe boomers, probably didn't larn until 7th or 8th grade.

This looks to be a common subject from class school through high school but when it come ups to college, the narrative alterations quite a bit.

It used to be that lone a little per centum of those who attended colleges and universities actually graduated. Today, it looks that a huge bulk gain their degree. Why this alteration in statistics? Well, I can state you it's certainly not because of the quality of the institutions.

Basically, the norm cost of a college instruction have skyrocketed every decade. And today, colleges and universities are more than concerned than ever with making a profit. They've go businesses, giant corps that would rather go through pupils through with a poor instruction than lose the tuition they could milk out of them.

Don't acquire me wrong, not every establishment runs this way. There are still some with higher standards, mostly the nationally and internationally known establishments with a century or so of educating under there proverbial belts. Ivy League schools like Princeton and Yale, major universities like the University of North Carolina and the University of Pittsburgh, and many other schools are still quite reputable. However, they expression to be the huge minority these days.

To see the "dumbing down" procedure first hand, one demand look no additional than two of the newest rages, online courses of study and speeded up programs. These courses of study are largely geared toward grownup professionals. And in my experience, this section of the population basically acquires their classes handed to them on a Ag platter. Alumnus programmes are ill-famed for this. For crying out loud, many of them don't even necessitate thesis undertakings anymore.

When it come ups to online courses, the greatest jobs lie it the facts that teachers cannot monitoring device cheating or even who is doing the coursework. So in essence, these social classes are basically worthless. And in the lawsuit of what schools like to name "accelerated programs," pupils acquire the same amount of recognition for taking courses of study for shorter clip periods of time. For example, instead of attending social classes respective modern times per hebdomad for an full semester, pupils necessitate only go to 1 social class per hebdomad for about one-half of a semester - what a crock!

Maybe the decreasing value of a college grade is just one of the many grounds for our states economical problems.

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