Monday, May 12, 2008

Warren Jeffs Taught His Flock that Wrong is Right

Four hundred 16 children were removed from the Longing for Sion (YFZ) Ranch in early April of 2008. The remotion had been triggered by allegations of physical and sexual maltreatment taking topographic point among occupants of the ranch. It was alleged that this polygamist cult assigned under-aged misses to get married aged men. It was believed that for a polygamist society to boom there must be a grammatical gender ratio that is strongly female. Consequently, immature male children were routinely expelled from the community. These "lost boys" as they came to be known, had no skills, education, vocation, topographic point to dwell or intends to back up themselves.

What can do parents disregard the social welfare of their children? The misses were married to aged men, some, as soon as they reached puberty. Many of the adolescent male children were barred from the community with no manner to care for themselves. Part of the reply may lie in examining Robert Penn Warren Jeff's sliver spiritual grouping as a cult. As more than information goes available, it looks that this FDLS spiritual sect rans into the criteria of an abusive/destructive cult, similar to that of Jim Jones' Peoples Temple and Saint David Koresh's Branch Davidian Sect.

A cult is a new spiritual grouping (NRG) which is outside of the mainstream of religious practices. All cults have got similar characteristics. Destructive or insulting cults are distinct:

• Followers are placed in physically or emotionally nerve-racking situations. (At any clip Robert Penn Warren Jeffs could take a household from one adult male and "give" them to another.)

• The leader cut downs all jobs to a simple account that is continually repeated. (Complete obeisance to Jeffs, multiple wives, and many children were the ways to heaven.)

• Access to the "outside" human race is eliminated so regulations will not be questioned. (Contact with the outside world, including TV, was forbidden at the YFZ Ranch.)

• The leader shows unconditional love for all followers. (Warren Jeffs expressed unconditional love for all of his followers, had 80 wives and 200 children, and was very charismatic.)

• Followers are very dependent on the community and the leader. (Jeffs and FDLS ruled every facet of the lives of community members)

Jeffs, like other cult leadership was reported to be magnetic and a self-serving psychopath. Robert Penn Warren Jeffs promised following the community and sense of belonging they had been seeking. The vehicle to pull them in was faith which was then used to implement extremely stiff regulations and routines. As in most insulting cults, the least misdemeanors were harshly punished and questioning the leader was never allowed. Sexual maltreatment and tearing households apart was a agency to command his followers. Following were ruled by the fearfulness that deficiency of obeisance to Jeffs meant that a follower would lose his/her ageless psyche . Before the YFZ raid, there was no 1 to inquiry Jeffs' control and brainsick thinking. Cut off from the remainder of the human race without television or radiocommunication or visitors, there was nil to demo FDLS following that their lives were not like the lives of others.

Sect members were encephalon washed into thought that sexual maltreatment was right and that parents make not have got to care for the well being of their children. FDLS following were in a injury chemical bond with a sub-culture that anguishes children because their leader was no different than any other sexual offender. He taught them that incorrect was right. Sexual Activity wrongdoers would be drawn to a grouping like this. Sexual Activity wrongdoers make not care about anyone's demands but their own. It makes not substance to them that children or women were mistreated. It is simply a big aggregation of sexual activity wrongdoers and their households cut off from the remainder of the human race so their "secrets" would not be discovered.

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