Monday, May 19, 2008

Hurrah for Gay Marriage

Erica Erica Jong
Sun May 18, 3:25 Prime Minister ET

I've never understood the expostulation to cheery marriage. We world are pair-bonding creatures and we look to experience safest when coupled. It's not true for everyone, of course, but most of us eventually desire a spouse to unify our books and lives with. Marriage supplies certain extremely utile perks: a spouse to be with you when you are ill, person to share your poorness or wealthiness with, person to share your jubilations and devastations, person to raise children with. You'd believe the right wing would be pleased that cheery people share the same demands as other Americans.


In the past, cheery people had to follow their lovers to go forth them their goodies. Or they had to travel without a next-of-kin to depend on in hospital. All kinds of legal mumbo-jumbo was required because matrimony was forbidden. And why? Because a bigoted old Book seemed to connote that Supreme Being made Adam and Eve -- not Adam and Steve -- as the anti-gay faction wishes to say.

I've often establish that cheery people are better at matrimony than consecutive people. They don't acquire all set out of form about sexual activity for sex's sake. At least this is true for cheery men. And they don't run to flop up a perfectly cosy labor union because one member of the couple -- or both -- have a fling. Some couples are faithful and some not. And they look to drill this without the territoriality and lip service of mixed-sex couples. Actually, they should be our function theoretical accounts in marriage. They take it far more than seriously than consecutive people -- perhaps because it was forbidden for so long.

So hooray for Golden State and Massachusetts. Let's hope the anti-gay moonstruck periphery eventually sees cheery matrimony as a approval not a curse. It certainly advances stableness and family. And it's certainly good for kids.

But the truth is the anti-gays don't believe rationally. They necessitate their wedge shape issues to deflect the public from reality. Anti-gay rhetoric is a utile political smokescreen. It befogs the fact that the rich are getting richer and that cipher gives a hoot about the poor. Whenever people acquire exercised about sexual activity -- fishy the truth: they desire to pick your pocket.

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